Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a little note to let you know about us!
For 30 years, my husband and I went annually on two long weekends with various friends, to Gatlinburg, and stayed in a cabin together. One of those was always that weekend at the end of October because of the time change. Grin! You get an extra hour that way. We hiked our legs off, soaked our bones in the hot tub, stayed up too late solving the world's problems, and had enough wine. We always drove about prepared with an old quilt from home, wine, cheese and crackers. A lovely meadow might appear, to continue, the sometimes heated, discussion of the night before. Inspite of having travelled much of the world, these are the trips that left me rested, relaxed, and eager to take on my world.
My husband and I walked to Grotto Falls alone one morning. Great Golden Shafts of Sunlight Sliced through the Hemlocks, turning the dark forest floor to Gold, as far as one could see. It took my breath away! I've never seen a cathedral with gold leaf more beautiful! Right there, I decided, that if I could offer that to other people, it would give me joy!
Life intrudes. The children need college. I returned to nursing as an RN for fourteen years, but never forgot that longing. Yes, now for eleven years, it has been my joy to share it with you!
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